Cash and Liquid Assets

Organizations hold cash to provide immediate liquidity and to fund contingency and other events. Our finance analysts use our global research capabilities and local market presences to advise our clients on harnessing the power of that cash both in and beyond their own markets. Our cash equities and liquidity experience includes:
  • creating liquidity from stocks with lower trading volumes through high touch trading strategies;
  • technology-enabled program trading to convert baskets of securities into cash on a regular schedule and per preset market conditions;
  • distribution of equities transactions to correspond with real time financing and operational needs;
  • utilization of our proprietary tools and technology to develop algorithm-driven and custom liquidity transaction strategies for equities, futures, options, and swaps.

Connecting Investors and Organizations

We regularly sponsor industry events and conferences to expand our global network of issuers and corporate organizations. The connectivity that we derive from these events enhances our ability to manage cash assets and to advise clients on maintaining liquidity without sacrificing growth or higher returns from corporate assets.

Our cash and liquidity team members rely on the firm’s due diligence expertise to analyze both investors and equity issuers. We maintain regular communications with investor relation departments to supplement our internal due diligence with shareholder data, corporate responses to industry trends, and profit and loss projections.

Equity and Fund Financing Services and Solutions

Institutional investors, corporations, and fund managers rely on our equity financing services for innovative and creative financing structures that harness benefits from temporary local conditions or one-time market discontinuities. Financing can be secured with stock or asset holdings, alternative investments, or other non-tangible security.

Credit Financing Services and Solutions

We have been the lead finance source or have participated in syndications for credit-backed repurchase option financings, secured letters of credit, structure note credit facilities, and total return swaps that effect contractual transfers of market and credit risks.

Novel Credit-Backed Instruments

Our global operational base enables us to provide unique solutions that correspond to each institutional and retail client that relies on our services. We have developed and structured credit facilities characterized by:
  • Debt options with embedded derivative components that allow adjustments to underlying risk/return profiles;
  • Cross asset quantitative products that combine equities, fixed income securities, commodities, currencies, and other investment products into a multi-asset market focused solution;
  • Other structured investments that are driven by client-specific circumstances, including relevant markets, industry sectors, asset classes, and client creditworthiness.

Equity Capital Market Services

Issuers can derive greater value from the primary equity markets with our global knowledge base and equity transaction services.
  • Issuers can derive greater value from the primary equity markets with our global knowledge base and equity transaction services.
  • We are an industry leader in developing optimum structures and syndications for raising capital in the equity markets, including through periodic scheduled capital raises and one-time capitalizations;
  • We have been a lead underwriter or participant in multiple initial public offerings and follow-on equity issuance events.

ETFs and UCITS ETF Documentation Services

More than 10,000 Exchange Traded Funds have been formed in the global public securities markets, giving investors new opportunities to develop portfolios that feature diversity, managed risk, transparency, liquidity, and tax efficiency.
The European Union has adopted a directive that obligates issuers to draft and distribute Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDS) before a fund can be designated as an “Undertakings Collective Investment in Transferable Securities” (UCITS) ETF that can be issued and traded in the EU.

We advise and consult with issuers to draft and publish KIIDS that are in full compliance with the EU directives and regulations regarding the information and risk disclosures that an issuer must provide to investors that are contemplating ETF trades.
Investors that participate in transactions with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB will participate either directly with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB or with one of Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB’s third-party licensed service providers. Participation in a transaction through a licensed service provider may be required where the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the client conducts business or in which the transaction will occur require licensing of a service provider for the type of transaction that will be conducted. Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB directly conducts business and engages in transactions if and only if the jurisdiction of the transaction and of the investor does not require licensure, or if a clear and valid exemption or exclusion from licensing is stated in applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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