Our Approach to Investing

Comprehensive Insight

A blend of capital markets, and industry expertise, allows for bottom-up sourcing of high-quality hedge fund solutions. We have strong relationships with fund managers and provide a comprehensive understanding of the investor level of risk and return.

Holistic and Risk Aligned

We offer a holistic approach to portfolio management that fosters intellectual transparency and feedback leveraging our global leaders and global perspective. We have a culture of control, risk management, and independent oversight, both investment and operational.

Well Resourced

A reputable platform with a breadth of resources, systems and dedication that comes from being a part of Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB.
Investors that participate in transactions with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB will participate either directly with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB or with one of Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB’s third-party licensed service providers. Participation in a transaction through a licensed service provider may be required where the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the client conducts business or in which the transaction will occur require licensing of a service provider for the type of transaction that will be conducted. Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB directly conducts business and engages in transactions if and only if the jurisdiction of the transaction and of the investor does not require licensure, or if a clear and valid exemption or exclusion from licensing is stated in applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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