Our Multi-Managers group delivers indirect real asset investment solutions and services to our select clients. Utilizing fund of fund structures for real estate, infrastructure and private equity, the amalgamated business model has a track record of excellence spanning decades and with our ability to fund globally, and a team 50+ top investment professionals. Our Multi Managers business has several locations across the world and serves a multitude of varied level investment clients.

Multi-Managers Real Estate (MM-RE)

With offices across the globe, and with a proven track record over a decade, long list of fund investments, and a competitive presence in major locations, MM-RE provides access to and management of unlisted real estate funds. The select funds are cherry-picked from a vast group of managers. MM-RE's products spans core to opportunistic, customized segregated mandates to commingled funds, and from developed to emerging markets.

Multi-Managers Infrastructure (MM-Infra)

MM-Infra provides solutions for diversified infrastructure investments and customized to match individual client needs of institutional investors looking for opportunities within the infrastructure sector. Product offerings include closed-end private funds, tailored investment structures and individually managed accounts. A concentration on operational infrastructure assets in OECD countries, the specialists on the MM-Infra team have a unmatched track record with client commitments in a large number of infrastructure funds and consistent performance.

Multi-Managers Private Equity (MM-PE)

MM-PE offers a holistic approach to diversified private equity fund solutions. Our approach is a refined focus on the needs of institutional investors such as pension funds, insurances, sovereigns and family offices. The investment team is comprised of experienced portfolio management specialists and financial analysts who have proven experience and understanding of the private equity ecosystem in the core markets worldwide.

A Focus on Sustainable Investment

Sustainable building is a focus in a time when many investors are deeply concerned about climate change. Considered the biggest challenge of this century, we have been working to build out a foundation which acknowledges and collects data on building and CO2 emissions as well as consumption.

We are dedicated to partnering with responsible owners and the thoughtful operation of real estate as it has a great impact on the environment. We continue to place a focus on identifying sustainable builder and real estate asset investment.

Sustainable Investments

Our dedication to sustainable investments is evident in our proven process which involves copious and meticulous research, into the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of the asset. Over the life of the investment, we continue to vet the asset's ESG impact. We have been sharpening our focus on sustainable investments in a continued effort to do our part to positively impact the environment.
Investors that participate in transactions with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB will participate either directly with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB or with one of Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB’s third-party licensed service providers. Participation in a transaction through a licensed service provider may be required where the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the client conducts business or in which the transaction will occur require licensing of a service provider for the type of transaction that will be conducted. Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB directly conducts business and engages in transactions if and only if the jurisdiction of the transaction and of the investor does not require licensure, or if a clear and valid exemption or exclusion from licensing is stated in applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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