Our Infrastructure segment invests internationally and across major sectors including energy, utility and transportation. We also cover key industries in addition, including telecommunications and social infrastructures. Our dedicated group of experts specializes in the respective sectors and utilizes a global approach across several international offices. Our unique process and expertise include closed end direct equity funds with investment options in traditional, long-life infrastructure assets across many countries. We target assets that provide essential services, possess proven cash and liquidity, credit worthiness, and inflation protection attributes. Our direct platform also provides clients access to a clean energy strategy that puts a focus on various European nations. Our direct debt coverage is comprised of European strategy, which invests over a sustained period and in senior secured infrastructure credit.

The Benefits of Infrastructure Capital

Infrastructure is capital intensive and typically sustained over the long term. That is an incentive for liability-driven investors, who want reduced risk, and reliable, predictable long-term liquidity. Private infrastructure debt delivers premium over public corporate bonds as compensation for the non-liquid aspect of the intricacy of this type of investment. Infrastructure debt offers a reduced risk option and a suitable alternative to similarly valued corporate debt.

The protected and essential aspects of infrastructure assets, as well as the addition of the private infrastructure premium, makes the asset class an attractive allocation for pension schemes and insurance companies. Furthermore, infrastructure can bring social and economic benefits to society. With these compelling aspects, global interest in infrastructure investments has surged over the past decade.
Investors that participate in transactions with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB will participate either directly with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB or with one of Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB’s third-party licensed service providers. Participation in a transaction through a licensed service provider may be required where the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the client conducts business or in which the transaction will occur require licensing of a service provider for the type of transaction that will be conducted. Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB directly conducts business and engages in transactions if and only if the jurisdiction of the transaction and of the investor does not require licensure, or if a clear and valid exemption or exclusion from licensing is stated in applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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