Credit is a key driver of international capital formation and economic growth. We are established industry leader in the credit and capital markets as a consequence of our many years of originating credit facilities and securitizing debt instruments, both as a sole credit source and as a leader or participant in joint credit offerings. We advise our clients on optimizing value through leverage, securitizing and monetizing credit-backed assets, and finance structuring for major corporate initiatives. Our services extend to both credit issuers and to participants in the aftermarket for credit instruments.

Global Credit Products and Services

Transactions and Trade Executions

Investment banks, institutional trading desks, and corporate finance departments rely on our leading status as a market maker for all forms of public and private credit instruments:

  • high-yield bonds;
  • asset-backed and leveraged loans;
  • currency and debt swaps;
  • derivative instruments, including securitized debt, debt index vehicles and funds, and liquid credit default swaps;
  • sovereign debt from both established and emerging market nations;
  • default swap options and other insured debt instruments.

Our clients also trust our analysts and consultants to develop trading strategies for credit finance alternatives, including loans against asset portfolios, short sale coverage, and short-term borrowing for repurchase agreements.

Raising Capital in the Open Markets

The capital markets will always be a viable source for debt financing. Our capital markets credit team advises on all aspects of capital market credit alternatives for entities that issue debt instruments:

  • both investment grade and high yield bonds;
  • leveraged buyout and financing for corporate acquisitions and industry rollups;
  • short- and long-term bridge loans and mezzanine debt facilities;
  • secured, collateralized, or asset-backed corporate loans.

Our capital market services also include research, underwriting, loan and credit facility syndication, and debt structuring and restructuring.
Investors that participate in transactions with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB will participate either directly with Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB or with one of Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB’s third-party licensed service providers. Participation in a transaction through a licensed service provider may be required where the laws, rules, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which the client conducts business or in which the transaction will occur require licensing of a service provider for the type of transaction that will be conducted. Oppenheim Savings & Loans Trust KB directly conducts business and engages in transactions if and only if the jurisdiction of the transaction and of the investor does not require licensure, or if a clear and valid exemption or exclusion from licensing is stated in applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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